• SUBHAGATA CHATTOPADHYAY Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, GITAM University, Bengaluru, India.
  • PINKI SHINHA Department of Boarding, Indus International School, Bangalore, India.


COVID 19 pandemic, health monitoring, health analysis, bio-psycho-social factor, COVID vaccination adoption


The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of various bio-psycho-social factors on COVID vaccination in a sample size of 200 in India using a Simple Random Sampling (SRS) method. The study comprises of selecting two groups of populations - who took vaccine (i.e., Group-1 or Acceptant group) and who are not in favor of taking vaccine (i.e., Group-2 or Hesitant group), having 100 individuals in each. Telephonic interviews are performed to identify various factors (through questionnaire) to identify and analyze various factors. The Key factors for vaccine adoption for Group-1 are: (1) infected with COVID-19 (2%), (2) free of cost (25%), (3) self-decided vaccine takers (15%), and (4) the pressure from peers, family and organizations (26%). For Group-2, the factors are: (1) news of post-vaccination morbidity and mortality (2%), (2) spontaneous decision not to take vaccine (30%), (3) non-availability of vaccine (14%), and (4) adapted to new normal life (30%). The study concludes that vaccination for preventing morbidity and mortality, on one hand, is encouraging to the people. Another encouraging part is free vaccines at the government hospitals, hence no cost is involved. On the other hand, news about post-vaccination morbidity and mortality are demotivating to adopt vaccination.


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